“One day every knee shall bow”

Jesus Christ is Lord

“every tongue shall confess”

San Antonio Mayoral Candidate - Sponsored

Mayoral Candidate Forum in San Antonio

Joshua Initiative’s First Event

Said to be the highest attendance for a Mayoral Candidate Forum in Texas – 1000’s in attendance.

Hosted at Cornerstone Church, this event was Co-Sponsored by Joshua Initiative, Texas Leadership Coalition and Pastors Pac.

Supporting Community Action

Coordinating with multiple organizations.
You and Us

As an individual American you are not alone nor are you powerless

As a Christian, you are never alone.  But sometimes we feel helpless or as victims in a culture bent on destroying our values, our freedoms and our country.   Joshua Initiative is about Christians coming together to improve our neighborhoods, schools, communities and nation.  We are about strengthening the family and reminding us all of the value and origin of the freedom, liberty and opportunities in this land we call America.




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We Are

Christian Americans

We are People-of-Faith from all walks of life and numerous denominations.  Pastors, lay-people, professionals, leaders, supporters, workers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, students and young people from all walks of life and occupations, coming together to make a credible difference.

Age is not an issue nor is experience.  Everyone has a gift, a talent and an interest.  Melded together as one, we are more than the sum of our individualities.

We are not satisfied with the status quo, the way things are.  Nor do we embrace a socialist agenda, nicely referred to as “progressive.”  We believe that every American has a responsibility to seek the best within himself.  To work, share, encourage and aid others, and to enjoy the fruits of his own labors, is the right of every American.


We Believe

Sancity of Life Traditional Marriage Fiscal Responsibility

Our Lord God has the ability to open and shut the womb.  Accordingly, even when couched in difficult or bad circumstances, we believe Life is His personal gift and an opportunity to encourage something wonderful to grow in the face of bad experiences.

He also defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Although we do not support the LGBT lifestyle and practice as encouraging to the individual or society, as with all sin, we honor, respect and love the individual, but not the sin.  Remembering that no one is perfect, not one.

Financial Issues are one of the very foundation stones attributing to individual success, family security and national economic prosperity.  As individuals, we should be loathe to encourage or tolerate the out of control Congressional spending that plagues our economy.  Our children and grandchildren deserve better behavior from us.

We Offer

Make a Difference

So you are only one, so are each of us!  But we have learned through experience that like-minded individuals coupled with superior organization and communication which is structured in such a manner as to respect individual talents, interest and available time, can conspire to create immense synergy, hence influence.  That’s Joshua Initiative.

Though some bad and others good, there are many examples of where only a handful of individuals with one mind at heart have moved nations.  We are structured right down to the neighborhood block. 

Recognizing that volunteers have lives of their own, Joshua is designed in such a manner that an individual seeks to only recruit and maintain communication with four or five other individuals. Whatever your specific talent or interest, we can find a way to make use of it to improve a culture.

Our Involvement

A Few Events We have Supported

Joshua Initiative and individuals associated through our Advisory Boards and activities are engaged in their respective communities. They address neighborhood and individual needs, plus community issues.  Their activities may range from distributing food and mentoring to public advocacy before elected officials.

                                           These individuals stand as one to be counted.



Joshua Initiative helped organize, then funded a luncheon resulting in over 100 individuals scheduled to speak before City Council supporting ordinance.





Joshua Initiative Board Member Gene Hildabrand assists in delivering Sam’s round of cookies to each and every police station in San Antonio.  The response was one of complete surprise and gratitude.

Opposing Abortion Speaker Meeting - Sponsored
Texas House District 121 Candidate Forum - Sponsored
Recognizing San Antonio Police Officers - Sponsored

San Antonio is no stranger to fights over abortion. In 2015 a building next to a neighborhood was purchased and renovated for Planned Parenthood.  Members and leaders of many organizations, led by San Antonio Family Association, spoke before City Council weekly to no avail.  However, as the fight ended an ordinance was proposed that would theoretically stop such an action in the future.  Several City Council members sought to derail that ordinance. – They lost, score one for the good guys.


Examining Candidates for office is not only our right but our responsibility.  We have all experienced hearing them pledge one thing only to find, once in office,  they really support the opposite of their pledge.  This forum, supported by Joshua Initiative and San Antonio Salt & Light,  for Texas House District 121 was attended by two excellent candidates, unfortunately the incumbent, Speaker of the Texas House, did not attend.



Our First Responders, Police, Fire and EMS are probably the most unappreciated individuals in the city, until an emergency occurs.  Often they are members of unions that fight for benefits, and that seldom goes well come city budget time.

Perhaps we could remember that these individuals are the ones who risk their lives for us every day.  They are our neighbors, they are parents, they are Americans who stand in the gap.

Christian Leaders Forum
San Antonio "Think Tank"
Preparing strategy to improve culture.
Many are Members of Joshua's Advisory Boards

Candidate Forum
Texas House District 121
Sponsored by
Joshua Initiative 
Pastor's PAC
Texas House District 121 Candidate Forum - Sponsored
Women's Prayer International
Joshua Initiative
Strategic Alliance
Joshua Initiative
Pastor Advisory Steering Committee
Preparing for the Annual
San Antonio Family Association
Easter Egg Hunt

Joshua Initiative
God and Country
Educational Series

Christero War
Roy Mendoza

Our expertise lies in relationships and cataloging data.

Based on Experience

Our database, among other categories,  contains churches, schools, first responders, neighborhood associations, professional and other organizations, community activists and volunteers.  Each is identified at their specific geo-location within Joshua’s county organizational structure.  This allows us to quickly identify resources and respond to a need.  Joshua’s database for Bexar County alone contains nearly 1500 churches and approximately 40,000 activists.


Key to cultural change is expansion.  During 2016 we wanted to expand San Antonio activities and recruit an exceptional and experienced individual to oversee our Dallas Region.  Both those goals have been accomplished.  Joshua has also been blessed this year to have interest solicited from other communities such as Corpus Christi, Temple and Houston.  Although we are not yet there we plan those impacts in 2017.  Then a larger expansion to El Paso, Midland, Lubbock and Amarillo in 2018.

Recruiting Timetables

Planned Expansion


Senior Management

Gene Hildabrand

Gene Hildabrand

Board of Directors - Member
Joe R Caddell

Joe R Caddell

Eugene Ralph

Eugene Ralph

Dallas Regional Director
Steve Branson

Steve Branson

Board of Directors - Member
Rosanne Keinath

Rosanne Keinath

Director of Operations
Harrell Teague

Harrell Teague

Board of Directors - Member
Teri M Caddell

Teri M Caddell

Director of Communications
Tom Wachsmuth, CPA

Tom Wachsmuth, CPA

Board of Directors - Member
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Strategic Alliance Resources

These fine organizations represent substantial resources that you will find useful. 

The listing, link or display of their logos by Joshua Initiative are meant only as a service to you.  They are not meant to infer a contractual relationship or legal partnership with Joshua Initiative.  They represent organizations we are familiar with and provide  excellent resources and services.  The information they provide may or may not conflict with information from other resources or Joshua.


7 Mountains of Culture

Our Culture is impacted in several critical ways, however they may be classed into 7 primary categories.  In order to change the culture we must influence the path that each category is embracing, and change it’s direction to something more beneficial and wholesome.  Joshua addresses each of these critical areas utilizing training and programs. 

By forming strategic alliance with organizations of like mind that are actually addressing these issues, we create a synergistic effect that results in greater gains for the community.  Listed here are just some of the programs we bring connections to.

FAMILY……Digital Interactive Bible Studies.  This is a program available on your computer, laptop or phone that the whole family can enjoy.  Churches can actually sponsor a treasure hunt when utilizing the program.

FAMILY …… Neighbor-2-Neighbor. Helping ones neighbors requires getting to know them and their needs.  Jesus said “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Reaching across your yard or neighborhood can bring warm and healthy relationships where none existed.

FAMILY ……Jabez Community . The prayer of Jabez was to expand his territory.  This project, from Joshua, encourages the sharing of bible studies and fellowship within your home.

EDUCATION …… We desire to sponsor county-wide Bible Contest between our associated churches.  These allow relationships to be built that never before existed and encourages a love for scripture.

EDUCATION……ESL-English as a Second Language .(as available) classes offered through local churches.

EDUCATION …… Mentoring (as available). Youth for Christ and other organizations have been asked to assist students.  Helping hands are needed.  We facilitate the communication with churches that are in the same neighborhoods with the schools that the student attends

BUSINESS …… Working with our Business Advisory Members in each city, we encourage the establishment of intern and training programs to assist individuals attain additional skills that will improve their abilities to increase the economic standard of living.

HEALTHCARE……Daily Bread Ministries.  Supplying food to many churches throughout San Antonio.


RELIGION……Women’s Prayer International.  Neighborhood groups for one a month to pray specifically for our country and community needs.

RELIGION …… Life Chain.  Once each year we encourage every church within a county to join together as witnesses against abortion. Members join together in prayer along a public thoroughfare.

RELIGION …… The Truth Project. Joshua supports a digital lecture series known as the Truth Project.  This educational video will assist individuals in understanding and embracing a Biblical World-View.

MEDIA …… Alamo Torch. This publication is an e-newspaper that Joshua supports.  The articles found there are informative and thought provoking.  We encourage positive relationships with media outlets in each community.

GOVERNMENT …… Invitational Collegiate Debate.  Joshua encourages colleges to establish a senior level debate contest with the topics of Foreign and Domestic Policy.

GOVERNMENT …… Voter Registration. We encourage each pastor to urge his church members to register to vote and vote their beliefs.

GOVERNMENT …… Issue Awareness.  Through our network we strive to keep you informed on issues that are critical to your community.  We ask that each church establish a Community Awareness Ministry (CAM) to assist in making information and resources available.

GOVERNMENT …… Political Training Process.  We offer courses on the political process, how to get involved and Grassroots Organizational training.

HEALTHCARE …… Feed 3. Supply food services throughout the Dallas area. 

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